Sherjil Ozair

Hi! I'm a final year undergraduate at Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Delhi. I am interested in artificial intelligence applications to solve real-world problems.


I'm working with Sumit Gulwani on Computer-aided Education.


I've been a visiting researcher at Prof. Yoshua Bengio's LISA Lab, where I worked on Unsupervised Deep Learning, in particular Generative Stochastic Networks and Generative Adversarial Networks among others.

I interned at Microsoft Research, Bangalore in Summer 2013 with Aditya Nori and Sriram Rajamani where I worked on Probabilistic Programming.

I interned at Flutter (later acquired by Google) in Winter 2012 where I worked on Hand Gesture Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks, with Navneet Dalal.

In my first year summer, I was selected for Google Summer of Code 2011. I worked on Sympy, and initiated its sparse linear algebra package.

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